You are a robot. But you’re not Robocop nor Terminator. Tony Stark didn’t give you any weapon either. You’re a peaceful inhabitant of Roboplanet with the most important mission: Save the robots. The minirobots are lost in space and being as young as they are, they haven’t developed their engines yet. So it’s up to you to save them and no one can be left behind.

With an innovative control scheme you will explore space in an adventure that will test your skills with lots of obstacles and puzzles. Enjoy the physics based gameplay while using your thrusters to move around.

Avoid pieces of space debris, asteroids, lasers, alien forms of life and lots of surprises in your journey.

The controls are simple: you have to tap the screen to make the robot move to that direction. The physics based nature of the game makes that interacting with all the different elements of the levels feels unique and never gets boring. As you progress in the game you will find powers and friends that will change the way you play.

And you can customize your robot with 27,000 combination of hats, glasses, masks, hairstyles and a lot more!

The game can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, and it grants you access to the first world (21 levels). Unlocking the full game has a price of 1.99USD. On iOS devices you can get the full game on the App Store for 1.99USD.

Gameplay trailer
Story trailer



* Find the minirobots and bring them home.
* Explore space in 75 levels.
* Personalize your robot with 27,000 combinations of costumes.
* Transform your robot to unlock new powers.
* Test your skills in intense boss battles.

About Jumptoplay

Jumptoplay is an independent developer studio of Android and iOS games.  Based in Barcelona it currently has two developers: Alberto Ahijado and Javier Sánchez. You can find more info here:  

Save the robots credits

Alberto Ahijado Game and level designer, Jumptoplay
Javier Sánchez Game and level designer and artist, Jumptoplay
Rubén Rincon Music composer (freelancer)